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For the Love of coding!

CodeSchoolAsia was established in 2019 to change how we learn how to code.

CodeschoolAsia was created to fill in the gaps of learning how to code effectively. Using constructive theories of education the students are in charge of their own learning, the goal is to inculcate independence, to build veritable relationships, create a support group of coders to push for excellence and perfection.

Our Code-Mentors are trained to understand both constructive theories of teaching using  blended models to provide the highest quality in coding education.

The zest to learn and discover is pivotal in changing, adapting and creating a new future, which with eager eyes we look forward to!

Roshan Raj Kumar

Founder of CodeSchoolAsia

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Million Coders Have Experienced our licensed program

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We’re based in Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Malaysia's most extensive code course is now set to conquer Asia. Now open to investors and established coders to network and expand. Reach out to us and lets discuss strategic partnerships!

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game of coding.

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